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December 4, 2022Scott Ferreira(408) 661-8344Email hidden; Javascript is required.Scotts-Resume-1.pdf
November 30, 2022Marie Thomas

Hello! My name is Marie and I saw the 'hiring' sign in your storefront at Delta Shores.

(415) 706-4530Email hidden; Javascript is required.Mthomas-RESUME2022-sales.pdf
November 28, 2022Benjamin Raina

Hello, I am interested in working for your company. I have a High School Diploma with a Certificate for Computer

(707) 803-9563Email hidden; Javascript is required.Ben-Raina-resume.docx
November 23, 2022Seungweon Ko

Yuba city area

(916) 226-0634Email hidden; Javascript is required.pdf-1.pdf
November 22, 2022Jaden Daniels

This seems like the kind of place I would enjoy working. The atmosphere was very pleasant. I talked to Denzel

(916) 216-2743Email hidden; Javascript is required.Resume.pdf
November 18, 2022Amadeus Martinez

Hey there! My name's Amadeus Martinez & i'm interested in trying out a new job environment in this category of

(209) 670-9756Email hidden; Javascript is required.
November 17, 2022Robert Cooper

To whom it may concern. I know I would be a great asset to your business, as I am a

(209) 401-6387Email hidden; Javascript is required.Robert_Cooper_Resume_14-2-1.PDF
November 11, 2022Sidhart Prasad(916) 581-2302Email hidden; Javascript is required.Sidhart-Prasad_Resume2.pdf
November 10, 2022Jesse Paculba

Hello, my name is Jesse Paculba and I am looking for a starting point a future career in tech. And

(209) 404-9503Email hidden; Javascript is required.Resume-5.pdf
November 9, 2022Jordan Thornton

Looking to gain experience on computers and hardware repairs.

(209) 809-9215Email hidden; Javascript is required.Jordan_Thornton_Resume__1.pdf
November 8, 2022Jason Allen

My college education started with the mindset of just earning an associate degree in general education. Now I hold 6

(209) 273-8999Email hidden; Javascript is required.Jason-Allen-Technician-Resume.docx
November 7, 2022Ethan Bosserman

Hello. My past work experience has been in a warehouse setting doing troubleshooting, disassembly, and repairs for iPhones. I have

(916) 895-1014Email hidden; Javascript is required.Ethan-Bosserman-4.pdf
November 7, 2022Angelick Wilson

I've been working as a Repair Technician for about 3-4 years now and am trying to leave my current place

(916) 320-8009Email hidden; Javascript is required.Angel-Resume.pdf
November 6, 2022Prabhkirat Singh

I am looking to advance my career in technology and believe that this company could help me get there.

(209) 445-1761Email hidden; Javascript is required.Resume-Prabhkirat-Singh.pdf
November 5, 2022Yianni Marro

I’m a senior in high school with the desire to improve my skills in computer engineering. I’m currently taking a

(209) 305-8697Email hidden; Javascript is required.Resume-Yianni-Marro.pdf
October 25, 2022AJ Barco

Hello! My name is AJ and I'm looking to transition into IT this year. I have 5 years of project

(559) 765-9175Email hidden; Javascript is required.Alec-Barco-Resume-10.18.22.pdf
October 24, 2022Mimi Wong

Good afternoon, I spoke to Denzel, the manager at the Delta Shores in Sacramento location. He recommended me to apply

(561) 909-9309Email hidden; Javascript is required.MimiWong_Resume1.docx
October 23, 2022Marcel Amie(209) 401-2912Email hidden; Javascript is required.Marcel-Amie-Jr.pdf
October 14, 2022Timothy Mejia(619) 597-5538Email hidden; Javascript is required.IT-Resume-update-2022.docx
October 13, 2022Angel Sevilla

Angel Sevilla (209) 202-5769 Asev220@gmail.com I am applying for a Cell Phone Repair Technician role for the location in Turlock,

(209) 202-5769Email hidden; Javascript is required.Indeed-Resume.pdf
October 11, 2022John k

Hello, I'd love to apply to join the team. I currently work at Cellfix in Fresno/Hanford, but I am looking

(209) 552-9201Email hidden; Javascript is required.John_Kreifels_Resume_2022.PDF
October 11, 2022Eric Tong(510) 982-1378Email hidden; Javascript is required.Eric-Tong-Resume.pdf
October 4, 2022Anthony Fenocchio

Hello, My name is Anthony Fenocchio. I spoke to Denzel at the Delta Shores location about applying for position as

(916) 910-8472Email hidden; Javascript is required.ANTHONY-FENOCCHIO-MECH-RESUME-41.doc
September 14, 2022Lawrence Kwong

I have been studying for the A+ exam., and would like to explore the opportunity to become an electronic gadgets

(209) 200-9331Email hidden; Javascript is required.
September 14, 2022Lawrence Kwong

I have been trying to study for the A+ exam., and would like to look into being an electronics/computer repairperson

(209) 200-9331Email hidden; Javascript is required.
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